The important thing is… to win!

The fight for victory, the excitement of the finish line:  waiting for LONDON 2012 with the great sport champions. 

December 16, 2011- January 31, 2012 – Palazzo Incontro, Rome 

Friday December 16 at 19,00, will be inaugurated in Rome at Palazzo Incontro, the photographic exhibition “L’importante è vincere” (The important thing is to win). The fight for victory, the excitement of the finish line, waiting for LONDON 2012 with the great sport champions.

The exhibition is organised by Reuters and Contrasto, in cooperation with Civita, Province of Rome, within the Project Abc Arte Bellezza Cultura, Sport Senza Frontiere onlus and Fandango with the technical assistance of SP Systema, in cooperation with Cinecittà Due.

It it said that the important thing is to participate, but in the great champion's mind there's nothing but victory. The spirit which animates the great sportsmen's heart is the achievement of the goal, to cross the finish line, to surpass oneself. To win, breaking all records, pushing the limits of human abilities and strength. Because sport is that, too. It is to cater for the spectators that live, suffer, enjoy and get excited for their champion's victory. The Olympic Games, in particular, have always been an occasion for the whole world to get together with their champions in order to share the joy of victory with them. Joining together, thousands of fans participate to a kind of collective catharsis: that is sport too. It has the power to get the people involved like nothing else in the world, overcoming geographical, economic and social issues.

The exhibition consists of 60 colour photographs of various sizes taken from Reuters. It is mostly about recent images that show spectacular sporting achievements of the athletes, many of which will participate to the upcoming London Olympic Games. Many athletes from Italy are part of the exhibition: Federica Pellegrini, Francesca Schiavone, Valentina Vezzali, Andrew Howe, who came back to compete in 2010 and was injured again in July, Roberto Cammarelle, who just qualified for the Olympics, Valentino Rossi and the Volleyball champion Cristian Savani.

And, of course, the exhibition couldn't come without a beautiful photograph of Marco Simoncelli, which this exhibition is dedicated to.

Sport is too important to just draw attention to the athletes and those who win. The purpose of the non-profit organization Sport Senza Frontiere, which promoted and organised this exhibition, is not the thrill of victory and competitiveness but the fact of using sports as a means to help children in their growth, integration and psycho-physical well-being.

So, at the end of the event there will be a finissage event and some athletes will take part as sport testimonials and photos of the exhibition will be sold at auction.
The money raised from the exhibition will be given to Sport Senza Frontiere onlus, that carries out projects on sport and integration for some years and help many children and teenagers in their growth, in the interest of the “right not to be a champion”, as enshrined in the Charter of children's rights in sport, UNESCO.