SSF DAY 2014



“I can’t find the words to describe the emotions that I felt today and that stayed in my heart”. This was the 8 pm. words from Nicolò Berghinz, leader of the Rotaract Circle volunteers, who offered a valuable help in organizing SSF DAY’s second edition. It was a big challenge, both because of the tropical climate and the organizational complexity after shifting location from Cus Roma to the Stadio dei Marmi, to have the CONI accept being part of this big centenary celebration, as a testimony of “Sport and Social Integration”. But we’ve made it!

The SSFDAY was a success!

An event with a great and joyful participation: 300 rewarded children, about 1500 participants, four Olympic champions, 31 sports clubs, 15 different sports and games alternating or played simultaneously.

Journalists from the highest level (Paris Charles and Andrea Fusco) and in the run, the gang of the State Police, Marino the Mayor, Patané the President of Culture of the Lazio Regional Council, Teresa Zompetti, responsible for CSR CONI and even some paratroopers who landed in the meadow at the end of the event! Nothing was missing. Alessandro Tappa was at his best in managing and facilitating the event. And so were the non-profit organization staff, the volunteers, the coordinators, the sports teachers and our dear drivers of the SSF buses. Just like an army of angels at work, defying the heat and the adversity! And watching the monumental Stadio dei Marmi being invaded by an army of wild children from all horizons with a common feeling of joy, despite their different family and personal stories, was quite something.

This is the great magic of sport!

Everybody is equal on the playground, and we share the same emotions and the same goal: to make it together. To win. But winning what? Nothing. A medal without any economic value.  But a medal of great symbolic value. And that’s the beauty of it. Because for a child, winning a medal means that he is "strong ", he is “good " and that he can make it. And these are important stepping stones to grow and be able to face the challenges of life. We saw these children in their beauty and perfection, smiling with their medals around the neck in front of our dear friends and great champions Roberto Cammarelle, Carlo Molfetta, Fabrizio Donato, Filippo Gorrieri who have rewarded them. Watching this scene from the stage, the great Carlo Paris and I felt touched and we thought: “Yes, sometimes it is hard. We are all the time looking for a support which sometimes comes only drop by drop and at the price of so much effort. But we will not give up anyway. Because sharing the joy of a day like this, the 8 June, opens our heart and spirit and makes everything look brighter. Not for the money, not for the fame, not for the ego…but for love. And this is enough.